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Paine Said:
I hope D'souza has the guts to respond. The twit is known to lurk around these pages, trolling for out-of-context quotes he can use for his self-aggrandizement.

If he has read this( and Im pretty sure he reads anything with his name in it) and if he is man enough( which I seriously doubt) he'd put finger to keyboard and respond.

What say, Dinesh?

The first two pieces that Kelly wrote were sent by our team to Dinesh D'Souza and the papers which originally published his work. We would not only welcome a response, we extend an invitation to Dinesh if he wants to have a recorded conversation with us for our show.

Please post Kelly's RSS feed on your site for the year and support this project. If any of you find religions figure heads writing pieces in major print media, please feel free to submit it to Kelly for consideration.

Thanks for the great comments, Kelly and I have read them all, and will continue to.

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