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This post is for the more philosophical in the audience, you Godless evil doers.

There is an ape on the planet that can use language to:
1. Think.
2. Communicate.
3. Do things.

I think this is useful for thinking about beliefs, thoughts, memes, etc. (particularly 1 and 3).

Various religious communities have a body of thinking, the the individual tenets can be put before the rational mind and interrogated for truth or falsity. That is ONE thing you can do.

Another thing you can do is look at how these tenets individually and collectively modulate and drive behaviour.

I think you can do the same thing with the threads or the fabrics of secular thinking - look at them for determine their truth value, or you can judge them in terms of action.

So you unbelieving devils! Who is with me in demanding that the Richard Dawkins Centre for Science and Reason organised us cats to give money to good causes and do good works?

Sat, 10 Nov 2007 03:37:00 UTC | #82807