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"I think we all know where a policy of appeasement leads.... "

Wow, this sounds like President Bush talking about his reasons for invading Iraq. I find people here strongly believe in the myth of Pure Evil.

And I find it idiotic that PZ cares too much about SQUID to call himself a humanist. For such a retarded statement as that, I doubt he's even seriously thought it through, and just doesn't like humanists and would rather nanny-nanny boo-boo them.

PZ seems upset initially because of a skewed perspective. Little does he understand that the very idea of perspective demands that you come from a specific angle. Skewed is just his code word for "biased," but since he doesn't have any evidence towards that claim, he disguises it as skewing.

Next, he insinuates that this article encourages religious moderates. Bullshit. In a situation where there the only practical choices are "evil," we must pick the lesser of the two and work with our strange bedfellows. They wouldn't be atheists if they wanted to encourage people to become religious moderates. It's simply a stage in a process towards leaving religion behind, and PZ is too wrapped up in his idealism to be practical and choose the correct, moral approach which is picking the lesser of two evils so that we can eventually create a godless world.

"Here's a better idea: work together on common causes without silencing our disagreements." You cannot work together while focusing on disagreements. That doesn't mean we should forget we have serious disagreements, it means at times we should censor ourselves in the moment to achieve a socio political goal.

Diplomacy is a dance of give and take. We are very much engaged in a type of diplomacy here, and if we are unwilling to give a little, we cannot get concessions of our own. All this means is BITE YOUR DAMN TONGUES SOMETIMES and sit at the table!

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