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Norman is correct in pointing out that things aren't black and white (most of the time). But between the lines, the recommendation of alliances with faith-based groups also implies that argumentation from secular scientific humanism isn't persuasive enough to stand on its own merit. While this is probably true regarding the vast majority of believers across the globe, I hope getting a foot in the door by gradually reforming education and consistently reminding the more-or-less uneducated populace whose thinking they owe their relative progress and luxury to, will start a socially broad process. No good and lasting effect has ever been achieved by hasty activism, and again I can only hope that Sam Harris' gloomy 'prophecy' of doom via extremism doesn't prove to wear the superiorily designed running shoes.

p.s. I feel the urge to pat my own back for the above. not bad for a non-native speaker, eh? ;)

Sat, 10 Nov 2007 13:18:00 UTC | #82987