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Well, that was a surprise.

After getting used to finding myself in agreement with PZ Myers, and applauding his outspokenness in demolishing nonsense and supporting rational thought, things change. I now discover he disdains humanism and "he won't join a group that wilfully excludes squid". [Ha ha, but I am not amused at the implied attack on humanism.] Also that he "won't refrain from criticising [humanists, reasonable Christians & reasonable Muslims]".

Oh dear. He manages to demean humanists as a group because he doesn't like an article by Richard Norman. Worse, his wording creates an implied association of humanists with "reasonable Christians" and "reasonable Muslims".

Perhaps his usual clarity has deserted him, and he merely meant that he won't refrain from criticising certain people just because they happen to be humanists, reasonable Christians or reasonable Muslims. But I suspect not. I suspect his clarity of expression is at its usual high level, and he meant to say and imply exactly what I read.

Well, I support humanism. I support most movements that are engaged in countering religious influence, ignorance, dogma, and belief in the supernatural.

If PZ feels he has nothing better to do this week than criticise an article by a long-standing humanist who is, in essence, on the same side in the struggle for education, truth against ignorance, and human values against religious dogma, so be it, but I don't take kindly to his side swipes at humanists in general. Humanists do not belong in category together with "reasonable Christians and Muslims".

And I hope PZ can find a more deserving target for his next blog entry.

Sat, 10 Nov 2007 14:44:00 UTC | #83009