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All I have to say is thank you for that piece!!! You're a hell of a guy PZ Myers!!! I was agnostic for the first 40 years thanks to my father and for the last 4 plus years step well into the boundaries of atheism. This atheist movement is very very far from its beginnings and I agree so much with the following statement;

"I've seen Norman's line of reasoning a lot, and it makes this false presupposition that the atheists are incapable of working together with their fellow human beings because they also find fault with their flawed religious beliefs. We can do both! Watch us — where we find common goals, we will work together without a pang of regret; and where we disagree, we will forcefully argue. That's the way our world works. Get used to it."

Brilliant!!! (I saw other posts commending this line of reasoning as well, also brilliant!)

If only we could get more of the moderate (oh I would rather avoid this discussion because it will create tension) religious common folk to not walk away from these arguments.

Sat, 10 Nov 2007 19:44:00 UTC | #83025