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"Those cannot do science, become an expert on the scientific method."--- Me

Which shows you're not a scientist, or if you are you're a surprisingly ignorant one. The amazing thing about science is that anyone can do it, it is among the most democratic areas of human knowledge. Such statements just make you sound silly and make science sound like some arcane practice that only anointed elects can grasp.

"generalists may be able to articulate and communicate certain ideas that the practicing scientists already knew in a more elegant and concise language"

I said that Popper defined and set the standard for scientific research. How is what your saying above any different from criticizing scientists for verifying and explaining things that are dumbly obvious, are in fact common sense ("new research shows that an excess of carbohydrates can make you fat")? The difference however is that Popper explained something that was not explained or justified in any coherent or useful way. Popper showed why the scientific method works and as a consequence actually helped improve how scientists do research.

Seriously, you two sound like cult members at worst and hidebound dogmatists at the least.

Tue, 13 Nov 2007 11:09:00 UTC | #83840