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Well actually growing up in areas around North and West London that have a much bigger population of residents from the South Asian subcontinent, largely of Indian descent, I personally experienced that this issue of caste discrimination, sadly is even more rife in schools and colleges than one would think.

To illustrate with just an example off the top of my head, I attended Harrow College for my A' Levels, where students flatly "refused" to speak with one another in the same classroom because they had an inkling of the fatuous idea that they belonged to a supposedly higher caste of Gujarati Hindu than others. One was kind enough to tell me that as I was a Hindu Punjabi (allegedly), she would have to take a second shower for speaking with me.

I am, sadly, not referring to migrants from the sub-continent; these are the grandchildren of that generation that migrated here from India. These are children that are born and raised in this country, unfortunately in terribly divided ghettos. We are talking about 16-17 year old sixth-formers who, one would expect in all sensibility, have reached at least some sense of maturity about the subject of discrimination.

Having moved to the UK from India, even I found this stunning. Mainly because you do hear the horrific tales of caste discrimination in the "Metro" cities of India in your childhood; but these tales usually originate in extremely backward villages of the country (however I must caveat this, because at the time of writing this, even a city as metropolitan as Mumbai, my home-town, has sadly become a breeding ground for Hindu nationalist fascists who are dreaming of taking India back to the glorious ages of the four caste system of society, and countless other horrors).

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