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Comment 6 by Beethoven :

Come on Germany, you are the land of Beethoven, Goethe, Heine, Marx, Schiller -- some of the greatest free-thinking spirits. I know you can do better than ingratiate yourself with the pope.

Thank you for your post. As a german, it always saddens me that the first (only?) thing many people think of when Germany is mentioned are the horrendous crimes commited by the nazis. I will do my best to refrain from supplementing your list (because I know national pride is just ugly), except for Schopenhauer, Feuerbach, and Nietzsche.

and now for something that is actually on topic:

“Without Christianity, our country is simply impossible to imagine.”

What that moron meant to say was of course that today's supposedly free, liberal, pluralistic Germany would be unimaginable if it were not built on "christian values". I don't need to tell anyone here how mind-bogglingly idiotic this is. The problem is that most politicians in the Bundestag appear to buy into this kind of baloney, given that only 6 in 600 parliamentarians are unwilling to come cheer for a "leering old villain in a frock". This may in turn be caused by their belief in the fairy tale that Hitler's was an "atheist regime" . The Churche's rewriting of history has really served its purpose.

As many have pointed out, the 'christian democrat' (does that term strike anyone as paradoxical?) would have been spot on if he had said "Without Christianity, our country as it was about 70 years ago would be simply impossible to imagine."

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