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I'd like to further what Irate was saying and ask - why does the Catholic Church only focus on the sex part of AIDS?

In most sports these days - I have noticed Rugby in particular- all blood injuries are treated off the pitch to help stop the spread of infection should someone's blood mix with theirs.

As Irate pointed out, there are plenty of ways AIDS can be caught through medical procedures, especially blood transfusions or infected needles - which is positively frightening in itself.

But no, the obesession and frantic worrying is all about sex.

Dear goodness if you are caught having sex in any other way to what a group of sadistic and highly delusional virgins have decreed an invisible being they claim to speak on behalf of - woe betide you.

Despite all the medical and scientific knowledge backing up the use of condoms being effective in the fight against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases - the Catholic Church worries incessantly about a bit of latex placed on a man's penis.

To the point of lying about them - telling poor and credulous people that condoms actually CONTAIN the virus.


What good can possibly come of this?

BJohn - have you absolutely no idea why everyone who disagrees with you are saying what they have been?

Do you not see the needless suffering, misery and DEATH that can be and has been perpetuated because of this mindless objection to a bit of latex that can considerably lower all the above?

Yes, I'm talking about death and suffering, people are DYING out in Africa right now because of the ridiculous and utterly dangerous objection to condoms - what is wrong with you?

I see no good in what you are posting, I only see someone so set in their dogmatic and impossibly strict ways that all references to the suffering of others is somehow ignored.

Why is this so important to you and others like you? What are you so scared of?

What is going to happen to people like me who have used condoms? What possible evil have I done?

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