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You don't seem to see the point.

No, sorry - you are the one who has not seen the point.

The RCC argues against condoms for several reasons, and one reason is how unhelpful they are in the fight against AIDS.

You have lost me - it has been proven beyond all doubt that condoms considerably reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases - ask any medical expert you like.

The vast majority of AIDS patients contract the disease through sexual intercourse. We want to stop AIDS, so forgive us if we are a little "focused" on the "sex part" of that fight.

No, I will not forgive the Roman Catholic Church for the horrific misery it has inflicted upon the world because of it's obsession with sex and how it should be done.

But you're mistaken if you think that's all the RCC cares about: as you ought to know well by know, her moral teaching extends far beyond the bedroom, and it reaches even into the shady world of those in the medical world who seek profits above all else and do not care for those whom they kill by their negligence.

Err excuse me - you lot oppose abortion and contraception of all kinds which is all to do with your irrational obsession with sex and causing pain and misery. I actually wonder if the RCC cares about anything other than their disgusting doctrines.

See here for just how horrible it gets

You cannot in justice accuse the RCC of not caring for the misery of these poor people.

Yes I most certainly can they are spreading lies about condoms and using fear and misery to accomplish this.

In March 2009, on his flight to Cameroon (where 540,000 people have HIV), Pope Benedict XVI explained that Aids is a tragedy "that cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates the problems"

See this article

Spreading this sort of dangerous nonsense is what I am talking about. Condoms DO NOT spread AIDS - that is a complete fabrication, its totally and utterly dangerous nonsense to boot.

You should be more concered about those who refuse (for whatever reason) to promote abstience and maritfal fidelity, which are two things that are 100% guaranteed to stop the most common means of infection. You will never get AIDS on account of sexual intercourse if you and your partner waited until marriage and then remained faithful to each other. Abstience and fidelity are two of our best weapons against the epidemic. Why won't you help me promote them?

Did you not read my post or Irate's? You CAN catch AIDS from other sources!

Education is our best weapon, not ignorance. I want to promote education, I want people to know what is truthful and what is clearly dangerous and deluded nonsense

Now, explain to me why my wearing condoms is a bad thing, what wrong have I committed?

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