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May their god help them if we ever become militant. I know for certain that no Atheists have ever come to my door to discuss my religious affiliations with them and I have never been stopped by an Atheist in the street and had them demand that I convert to their beliefs.Maybe we should? I have not seen any Atheist offer a cash reward for the murder of a Theist .Theists are clearly militant . (Militant -vigorous or aggressive in support or promotion of a cause) . Again the religious pot calls the Atheist kettle black

Now the question I wonder is do we need to become militant? . Militancy seems to me to be a response to attack and Atheists have been attacked for years solely for their beliefs. I think we need to reply to attacks and stand up aggressively for our rights and we really need to promote clear and unbiased education for our children that teaches them to think for themselves. This I think is our only weapon against indoctrination by the parents of their own children.

I think an argument can be made that we must become more militant to protect our children and our way of life. It can be clearly demonstrated that religion incites unrest, re-directs resources for its own use, spreads misinformation and holds back the advance of knowledge. That is worth fighting against.

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