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I must admit i enjoyed the 'militant atheist lampoons' that turn out to be routine religious hatred in real news, that is definently making the point well.

Course the caste system is pure theocracy and therefore pernicious, dangerous and inhuman. And racial prejudice is a perfectly natural 'false positive suspicion of funny looking outsiders or strange smelly people' and so occurs in every group of humans, and any strategy that simply ignores that or applies it unsymmetrically is fooling itself.

But we do have minds that can be used to rationally examine and mediate natural predispositions. Course, an actual secular government (ideally a worldwide one) would sidestep all these issues in an instant, because the basis for equality would be a rational humanist citizenship, and so would get on with stuff that is actually important to human beings instead of fannying around like this.

Its not so much driving religion underground, its just recognising religion is a personal lifestyle choice and private members club that has no place imposing itself in government or public morality.

Mon, 27 Jun 2011 23:46:37 UTC | #843610