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I'm just a physics student, so don't have the same grasp of the physical constants as many other physicist. And there are many good physicists who do think that the universe is fine tuned in some sense, trying to rationalize it with ideas of other universes etc. Maybe they are trying to over romanticize their field, or the universe itself, in some ways. In order to say that our universe is special because of the fine tuning, you will have to do a whole lot more. You first have to understand all the different ways life can be "assembled" and then you have to change every constant a bit, and run every natural selection scenario in each universe. If life can be assembled in 1 billion ways, and the physical constants can be changed in a quadrillion ways, there's a lot of assumption to make. Could the current universe still have life if the proton charge was 1.61*10-19 instead of 1.60 ... ? If you changed the gravitational constant just a bit, and made a simulation of the entire universe from beginning to end with the new constant, would the tiny effect accumulate and render the universe completely inhabitable? Or would the we all just weight a bit more/less and the atmosphere be a bit more or less dense?

These are questions we can't answer at the moment, and those making the fine-tuning argument surely can't either. And why would it be fine tuned for human life? Why not fined tuned for rats? Crocodiles? Eh?

Last comment, 99% of the entire universe we live in is already inhabitable by all advanced lifeforms we know. So where's the rationalization there?

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