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If you are an atheist, either it is just a lucky break and the odds are so remote,

But luck can only be claimed by people (or in this case species) that were "born!" People that never existed can't complain of being "unlucky" because, inexplicably, non-existent people are uniformly shy about expressing their opinions.

Yes! You were lucky to be born! You can only say this BECAUSE you were born! Under no circumstances would you be able to claim that you were unlucky, because that would require that you not exist!

All of this fine-tuning blubbering seems to be based on the assumption that homo sapiens simply HAD to exist, an assumption no one is entitled to make.

-If the constants weren't they way they were, we wouldn't be here! -Then we wouldn't be here. So what?

Wed, 29 Jun 2011 01:46:30 UTC | #844202