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Wow. Lots of angry thinking. Very little calm, cool, rational debate.

I do not approve of your playing the victim card and not addressing the questions put to you.

I was objecting to people suffering - that is very important to me, I do not want people to die and suffer because of ignorance and superstitious nonsense.

People are dying BJohn - do you not wonder why we are all so concerned about that?

People are dying because of the direct involvement of the Catholic Church, their doctrines and unfounded assertions are getting people killed and you support them. How much more do we have to spell it out to you?

Because you don't seem to understand this basic premise and that you hand wave away all attempts to tell you that you are wrong by saying that we are all "angry", I seriously doubt you will ever grasp what we all disagree with.

Yes BJohn, we are all disagreeing with you, deal with - your shared views with the Catholic Church are NOT going to help this crisis, no good will come from what you propose.

Condom use however IS a good idea to combat AIDS - it will help stop people dying, it will help stop suffering until science can find a cure for this horrible disease.

I care greatly about the AIDS crisis and I do not want it continually ruined and obstructed by objections from people who do not know what they are talking about. If the Catholic Church had any moral fibre whatsoever they could make up some excuse and approve of contraception, but they don't and people have to waste a lot of time and effort combatting this rather than placing all their efforts into preventing the spread of the disease.

I'm not angry about this, I'm passionate because it matters, lives are at stake and the clock keeps ticking and the deaths keep mounting.

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