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I am happy with the fact that I am an almost insignificant spec of carbon in a Universe that is so massive, that my own existence is only significant to a few others of my kind. If our own galaxy vanished tomorrow, the universe would not even notice.

When the best minds of our planet speak out. The universe is not even capable of listening, let alone in a position to care. Over the incomprehensible span of time, as a species we have not even been here for one second.

So, I take my tiny window that I have on this existence and live with it. I'll carry on doing what I do, which is caring for everyone I can and continue being a good person.

As a child I was a Christian head-chorister. As an adult I was in the military. As a person now and a hunter, a meat eater, a charity worker, I know where we are as a species.

I left 'God' behind right about the time that I left the Tooth Fairy and Santa behind.

This life is not a dress rehearsal, do all you can to be a better person. When you are dead, to yourself it won't make any difference what you did in life (it is just 'lights off, game over'). But while you are alive, enjoy the feeling of doing right by others.

If you have a faith in a deity, then I hope it helps you to find peace and enables you to find your way in life.

Mike :) "sine deo"

Thu, 30 Jun 2011 01:27:25 UTC | #844609