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I have just been doing a bit of research on foodstuffs, and I now have a challenge for Sam.

He said that if we developed a protein source that was a substitute for meat we would be ethically compelled to eat it. We do have that protein source. It has been around for a while. It is called Quorn. It's amino-acid content and density is reasonably close to beef. I have been eating it for years and it comes in a range of products of increasingly good quality, especially the mince varieties.

There are other delicious high-protein sources that can be eaten to make a change: Seitan, or concentrated gluten protein, can be truly delicious. There is also Tempeh, a fungus/soybean combination.

So, Sam. There is no excuse now. I wait for your declaration conversion to vegetarianism!

Thu, 30 Jun 2011 04:41:28 UTC | #844659