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It's always mystifying to hear people say that they don't feel good physically when they don't eating meat. I don't eat any animal products and I've never felt different physically when I gave them up.

People usually say vegetarian diets lack protein and they think this is the reason they don't feel good on vegetarian diets. If you take reasonable measures to get enough protein (like eat beans, rice, tofu, etc...) you will get all the essential amino acids in adequate quantities. When I worked out, I was able to ingest about 200 grams of protein a day which is about 4 times the amount needed by someone who doesn't work out.

Maybe it's a lack of iron but green vegetable like spinach are really high in iron.

I suspect the feeling of discontent that some people feel with vegetarian diets is the fact that they are low in fat and people naturally crave fat because it is high in calories (twice as much as protein or carbohydrates). The body responds positively to fat because its chief dietary concern is making you want energy.

Anyway, Sam says he thinks it is hard to be an intelligent, active and fit vegetarian. I'm sure if that were generally true I would have run into scientific evidence of those claim by now. Maybe someone on this board can point me to a creditable, peer reviewed study that supports any of these assumptions.

An least Sam says meat consumption is morally unjustifiable instead of pretending it is. I would rather hear that than some one like Temple Grandin who, because she is allergic to soy beans concludes that meat eating is justifiable (I'm abbreviating her reasoning a little but not by very much).

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