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But each occasion transcends the causality of the past by responding to it with more or less originality. This requires that physical prehensions are supplemented by “conceptual” ones. Thus, in addition to prehending past events, an occasion also takes account of possibilities ingredient in those events or closely related to them. Just how it relates these possibilities to the actualities it feels is its “decision.” That means that in a situation that is inherently indeterminate, there is a determinate outcome Other possibilities are cut off.

Let's see if we can parse this wilfully obscurantist arsewash, shall we? As far as I can determine it seems to be attempting to communicate something close to the following:

"Every incident is non-causal because... well, it is. This requires that preconditions can be overruled by imaginary ones. Therefore, as well as being causally-derived, incidents are also affected by imaginary possibilities. The nature of the actual incident isn't clear until it happens."

This, of course, is a classic example of "Quantum Bullshitting". The idiot writing this drivel is dancing around the idea of collapsing probability waves without offering the slightest evidence or justification for doing so. It is the purest quintessence of wank.

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