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Comment 5 by Cartomancer :

Modern Theology, however, is, essentially, tie-in fan fiction. The genre is quite common in certain quarters, such as the sourcebooks for fantasy roleplaying games, which often go into lavish and elaborate detail about the specifics of their fictional worlds.

Exactly right (and the base fiction does not hold together as well as what J. K. Rowling writes, in the first place). As I wrote yesterday on another thread, when I start to read theology I only keep going until something is required to be taken on faith, or until the existence of their deity is assumed as part of an argument supporting the existence of their deity. The first of either of those and I just drop it. That Jerry Coyne is willing to use up his time by hanging in there past that point (just to be sure) is a service he does for us so we will not have to do so. We owe him our thanks for parts of his life he is not getting back, ever.

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