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Is theology the philosophy of religion? I really don't know. Perhaps there is some interesting philosophy of religion, but what I'm not sure I understand is how scientists end up dealing with people like Lane Craig, when, as far as I can tell, most philosophers won't go near him.

---------- Theology is mainly done within particular confessional stances since theology uses as its starting point what are believed to be the revealed truths of that particular faith, and then to work out the implications from there using philosophical constructs and analysis. Of course, even within the same confession or denomination, there can be disagreement not just on the implications of the revealed truths but also on exactly what are the revealed truths.

It seems to me that a lot of people on this thread are expecting that theology would be mainly concerned with "rational arguments for the existence of God" as in the Kalam Cosmological Argument or Aquinas' Quinquae Viae. But this actually is only a small part of theology called natural theology. Natural theology is really better considered to be part of philosophy since the arguments purport to proceed from reason rather than revelation. More or less, I think philosophy of religion would be the same as natural theology, except that philosophy of religion might have a more slightly more expanded focus than simply arguments for the existence of God, such as attempting to understand the philosophical presuppositions that underlie different faith traditions or different religious phenomenon.

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