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Comment 12 by anothermarcus :

I read these statistics on the back of my bran flakes box, so think what you like but they are consistent with my personal experience:

85% of adult Americans believe that a guardian angel is watching over them.

I am always bemused by this need to feel special, because god/angel/whatever is watching "ME"!

I love to ask these people whether their angel is personal, or do they multi-task and look out for multiple humans? (what if they were looking the other way when the piano falls from the 5th floor window) Does everyone have one, or only "special" people? And if everyone, then since the population is growing so rapidly, are the angels also breeding like rabbits to keep up with demand for guardianship ..... or did god just have 6.5 billion angels on stand-by in heaven in the almighty knowledge of the future population of the planet?.

Watch their answer ..... er ..... um ...... er ..... well my angel looks after me. Stop making me think. It hurts.

Tue, 05 Jul 2011 09:03:27 UTC | #846298