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PERSON, thanks again. An interesting read and it further clarifies the difference between patriotism and nationalism in the writers eyes. Fair enough, I can see that there is a difference between the levels of morality inherent in each. I might liken it to the difference between a soccer* fan who loves and supports her club and follows it everywhere offering positive encouragement as and when necessary and a fan who goes out of his way to abuse and brawl with fans of their local rivals.

However, both the supporter and hooligan are in certain ways equally irrational.

What are countries? Imaginary lines on maps?

How did they get to be the shape that they are? Warlords and Kings fought battles where some were equally pitched and the results may as well have been decided on flipping a coin, other battles were mismatched and were the result of an accident of geography (im thinking of Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs and Steel here), other lines were decided by rich families marrying into other rich families, others were decided simply by drawing straight lines across maps.

So whether one is a patriot who sees the good and bad within your own country or a nationalist who wants to take over the lands of Johnny Foreigner, you're still buying into an idea that should be consigned to history as soon as possible.

Hmmm, maybe in another thousand years?

Regardless of all that, if these banners make life in America better for Atheists then that's a groovy thing.

Addendum: I wonder if watching national or local teams in sports will survive once we have Peace On Earth. Will it be a curious vestigial culture that reminds us of our brutal past?

*before any English nationalists jump on this word as an Americanism, it isn't. So :p

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