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The religious are really desperate. It seems all these columns are almost identical. They have no new arguments and no new objections to atheism. The same debunked non-sequiturs that they have been spreading for centuries. It is just amazing. And even more amazing that newspapers choose to publish these same articles over and over again. Seems like some people never get enough of atheist bashing. It does not matter that they have read the same article twenty times before. They need to be reminded of exactly how evil atheists are... why? Well, because when they look at real atheists they see perfectly nice and normal people. If you actually meet real atheists the only conclusion you could come to is that they aren't really bad people, and they don't all suffer from chronic depression but lead perfectly happy lives.

Regarding Shmuley Boteach. Isn't this article the height of narcissism. Who does he think he is? There is not a single word of originality in that whole article. He is just repeating the same old bs we have heard countless times before. Obviously he is so damn full of himself that he thinks every word he utters is a sign of ingenuity and that we should all be thankful to be in the presence of such greatness. I am ready to vomit now... His mere appearence makes me sick. This is a twisted fuck who I despise more than anything right now. Fuck him!

Just take this example of his utter hypocricy and bigotry:

True, America has many of these same problems, and a great deal more of its own. But the spiritual underpinnings of the American republic ensure that values are constantly debated, and that soul-searching is a never-ending element of the national discourse.

Oh, so values are never discussed in UK? Really? I mean, REALLY! Yes USA definately have more than a great deal of its own problem. I mean, is this man on drugs or something. Is this man really this fucking ignorant and full of himself? It is just amazing. Please Mr. Botox, don't embarrass yourself any further. You are so ignorant of the real world that it hurts to read your opinions. Yes, it really hurts. Go back to your thousand year old religious books and don't make statements about the present age. Bronze age bullshit is your "expertise". Face it! You don't know anything about anything so shut the fuck up. I hope I'll never see you in person because I honestly don't know if I could resist the urge to shove a five foot metal pipe up your fucking ass. Amen,

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