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He almost went on to say 'they deserve to go to hell because we are all sinners'. One can't listen to any of the evangelicals in the US without wanting to giggle or laugh out loud. He was right in the sense of the US movement being commercial. It is, usually for said pastor who is fleecing the gullible. Usually the faiths despise each other but one thing that can unite them is folk losing faith. Then suddenly the Jews like the Evangelicals and the Catholics are ‘at one’ with the Protestants.

We do have a football hooligan problem but there are mindless idiots abroad worse than our own, think Muslim football hooligans in Turkey for instance. Here, our worse examples in football are faith/sectarian driven, Celtic/Rangers. I’ve yet to see football hooligans mount a pogrom yet although I admit it can be the same mind set. That aside, we fell off a cliff like many empires have done before, not least because we were punching above our weight and taking by force much of the worlds wealth and commodities. The last or our resources were expended in two desperate World Wars, financed very profitably by the US. Likewise, the US has done the same resource grabbing throughout the twentieth century. Maybe they too will fall off a cliff now that others are waking to resource scarcities. Oh no, I forgot, they have God on their side.

I am also not a nihilist. I am an atheist artist and poet. I like to walk through wild flower meadows and feel the sun on my face on a warm summer’s day. I like wine, good food and my wife and kids (new grandchild arrived yesterday) and these things give me a buzz, a feeling of joy and uplift in my spirit. Sitting in a pew listening to some pastor/vicar/priest talk drivel is like listening to Thought for the Day on radio 4, time to do something else more useful. I either feel an internal shiver of embarrassment for the fool doing the talking (if I think they believe the stuff they’re saying), or anger if I sense they know they’re talking bullshit and carry on anyway.

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