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Shmuley, do you know what my purpose in life is? Knowledge. Do you know why Atheism is spreading and gathering force, because Religion is spread by corrupted man. They speak like their religion alone is the truth. There is no way any man can have that kind of knowledge . No man on earth should approve of faith. Faith is an enemy of knowledge. Faith is accepting something as fact without being able to support the claim. Without the unending search for the truth, mankind would be stuck in the stone age. If there is a God, surely he cannot fault us for not believing in him. He clearly does not make himself known and doesn't offer one bit of help to all the people that suffer and die from war, disease, genocide, hunger and so on. What does he do to help? NOTHING! He sits up in the clouds in his big giant recliner and just watches as people all around the globe suffer. What a loser.

Tue, 05 Jul 2011 15:52:09 UTC | #846459