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When I first read this, I thought, what a maroon. But, I thought about the matter in some more detail, to understand his position, and came to some conclusions.

He is still a Maroon.

But he has identified some real problems, but failed to identify them fully, and come to the appropriate explanation.

And yes, it comes down to the numinous and transcendent.

First of all, their needs to be some distinctions. Put simply, religions "tend" (but not always) to encourage people to explore the numinous and transcendent. Atheism does not.

But that does not mean atheists are not numinous and transcendent, in fact most ACTIVE atheists I know are highly interested in these matters. But then you get the NON theists, (or the INACTIVE ATHEISTS), who just do not care. Where as in the past, peer pressure would have forced them to attend church, in which they were exposed to the transcendent and numinous, and would have had to engage in its ideas. And the sense of numinous and transcendent is important in encouraging science and the debate of ideas. So what we can now see, it is the battle between religion and science which drives progress, which is the battle between ideas. The problem is, religion has been defeated in the UK, and Science defeated in Saudi Arabia (for example).

The debate here is , hows as atheists, can we engage the majority to examine the numinous and transcendent, or as most of the Active Atheists see it - science. We cannot force people to a science or philosophy lecture every Sunday morning, or force them to listen to Bach's Concerto for 2 violins in d minor, so lose the opportunity to engage ideas and make people think, or experience wonder.

SO it is a question, how do we get non interested people to experience the numinous? To gain that sense of wonder?

Really, it comes down to how we teach our children, how to experience the world. (ie science in schools must reach out better to invoke the wow factor).

For too long, this has been through tension between science and religion, we need a better way to invoke transcendent thought.

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