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The breadth and depth of criminal activity now being exposed as having been carried out by Murdoch newspapers in the UK over many years - some of it hampering murder investigations - are truly, extraordinarily shocking. It turns out that the same publications which harp on about 'Broken Britain', lamenting the supposed 'collapse' of law'n'order are infact implicated in the commission of hundreds - possibly thousands - of serious, imprisonable criminal offences.

This is the biggest media scandal in decades, and the headline story for every reputable outlet despite the fact dog does not, normally, eat dog. And how is Britain's biggest selling (oh, and Murdoch-owned) newspaper currently reporting it on their online edition? With silence! There's not a word about it! Despite a fanatical obsession with the trivial minutiae of the lives of Milly Dowler, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman's families, along comes a bona fide story about them, and suddenly The Sun has nothing to say about it!

A clearer example of how dangerous media ownership in the hands of Murdoch really is. He and his publications are a menace to truth, reason and democracy.

Tue, 05 Jul 2011 16:53:38 UTC | #846493