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Dan Conquer, your two posts aren't rational and level-headed, they are downright hysterical. I say this even though my attitude toward the Murdoch press is generally one of contempt.

You perfectly illustrate the dangers of the smug and elitist self-righteousness of the modern liberal movement. You don't allow for the possibility that you are biased: if someone says Murdoch eats babies, and nuances it up a bit in time-honoured liberal-obscurantist tradition, then clearly it must be true that Murdoch eats babies.

The Murdoch press has interfered with murder investigations? They are implicated in hundreds, possibly thousands of serious, imprisonable criminal offenses? These are serious charges. Where is your evidence?

You have a whole paragraph gloating about the silence of the Murdoch press on the ongoing phone hacking saga. Well guess what: the Guardian, which is I guess your favourite UK newspaper, has nothing to say either.

As for ordinary people gorging themselves on rubbish...well what about all those ethnic minorities, gorging themselves on violent "gangsta hip-hop" culture? The concept is exactly the same in both cases, but like most of the liberal left, I doubt you'd touch the second with a barge poll. This shows that the liberal left is inconsistent: they're oh-so understanding of the circumstances which lead certain "ethnic minority" cultures to gorge on violence...but God help any of the poorly educated white people who happen to read the Sun.

It would be nice if we could differentiate the fatcats running the Sun, the greedy, shallow, self-serving, and Tory-voting middle class readers, and the hard-working coal-miner readers who were raised in a culture of hard-headedness and never had the means to educate themselves. Unfortunately that kind of thoughtfulness seems to fly well over the head of most the denizens of the modern liberal left.

You know what else isn't in fashion any more? McDonalds. Maybe it will impress some of the ladies if you take a swipe at McDonalds.

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