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Hi Synapse! Congratulations on signing up to RDF and I'd like to thank you for making me the beneficiary of your first ever contribution here!

Comment 9 by Synapse :

You don't allow for the possibility that you are biased:

Not only do I allow for the possibility, I freely admit it! Am I biased against Rupert Murdoch? Yes, I am. That is how internet debate and discussions work! All of us putting forward our own personal take on the world. Bias only becomes problematic when people have an ethical or legal responsibility (if, say, they are a broadcaster) to refrain from showing bias.

The Murdoch press has interfered with murder investigations? They are implicated in hundreds, possibly thousands of serious, imprisonable criminal offenses? These are serious charges. Where is your evidence?

The Royal editor for the News Of The World has already served a prison sentence, and the outlet has already admitted liability in a number of recent test cases. Each and every time a phone is illegally hacked, that is a serious crime. The latest well-publicised allegations are that an agent working for the NotW not only hacked a murder victims phone, but actually deleted messages, thereby potentially hampering the police investigation.

You have a whole paragraph gloating about the silence of the Murdoch press on the ongoing phone hacking saga. Well guess what: the Guardian, which is I guess your favourite UK newspaper, has nothing to say either.

Hahaha! If you're going to condemn someone for their factual inaccuracy, you should get your own right. It was the bloody Guardian who today led with the story on the front page, and is currently their lead story on their online edition so I'm not sure what you're talking about. And, no, The Guardian is far from my favourite UK paper. The FT is.

As for ordinary people gorging themselves on rubbish...well what about all those ethnic minorities, gorging themselves on violent "gangsta hip-hop" culture? The concept is exactly the same in both cases, but like most of the liberal left, I doubt you'd touch the second with a barge poll.

I'm not sure what you're getting at here, or why you think it is applicable to me. I hate "gangsta hip-hop" and the entire mysogynistic, homophobic culture that goes with it and I don't hesitate to say so. You appear to be making all sorts of wildly erroneous leaps about a whole range of political and cultural opinions I hold based purely on the fact that I am opposed to Murdoch acquiring a disproportionately large ownership of the UK media. If you wanted to know my views on gangsta-rap, you could just have asked me y'know.

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