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But those who advocate regulatory discrimination between different media organisations based on political prejudice are hypocrites.

I'm not sure who this is directed at. Pretty sure it's not me. Maybe I said something and then blocked it from memory. Apologies and a retraction if so.

If anyone is going to advocate the blocking of News Corporation's takeover of BSkyB due to the fact this will result in an unacceptable concentration of a portion of the UK television market under the control of one proprietor, please explain why you apparently have no issue with the BBC having an even greater concentration in that market?

I have a pitchfork in my shed with the BBC's name on it the day they abuse and lose the Royal Charter. (tbh it's many years since I've had a TV or paid the license fee for various reasons although I do watch some of it's progs on youtube or listen to a few podcasts)

I wonder though if this campaign would go down better with you if it was simply aiming to align British media monopoly laws more with those in the US and Australia? Maybe that might be a bit fairer on the poor little multi- billionaire, borderline psychopath .

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