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Comment 36 by healthphysicist :

@35 Peter:

Of course I have. Science should be used to prove claims wrong (from wherever they originate)...that was my first post.

But it can't be used to differentiate theism from athiesm.


So the whole heart of your statement and argument, which is simply, 'There's no way to prove or disprove that god exists'.

Science can't prove a god doesn't exist, therefore your choice of atheism is arbitrary, hence you're no different than a theist. What utter BS.

This argument is so old and boring. A person is a theist for many reasons, up bringing, peer pressure, societal norms, and acceptance in believing in a god of some sort. It's only arbitrary as to what theism you're born into.

Atheism has to do with gaining knowledge as you grow and continuing questioning. They seem at polar ends if you ask me.

So what did you do? Toss a coin to determine if you wanted to be an atheist or theist? That would be arbitrary.

You're atheist because you thought about the idea of a god and dismissed it for some reason. That's different than being a theist, which is acceptance without questioning. Do you not get it?

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