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Maybe it's meant to be an amusing parody of religious rantings but it would be far more effective if he allowed his viewers to calmly consider the logic of his statements without distracting them with unnecessary insults and scorn.

Maybe you don't realise that there are many people out there who calmly state the logic of their position - and nobody listens to them.

There is this weird idea among some atheists that were all religious people to listen to say, A.C. Grayling, they would immediately be convinced of the truth of his views. Well, they wouldn't. Being sensible has been tried before and it might work with a few but not with many. By having both A.C. Grayling and Pat Condell on our side we are covering all bases. What's wrong with that? Or do you think that Pat Condell will drive away the millions that others have brought to a state of wavering uncertainty in their beliefs and who only need a further gentle nudge towards sanity? No. Sometimes a good figurative slap in the face is precisely what can bring someone to their senses.

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