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This was pitched just right, given the subject, with nicely controlled anger and annoyance at religious people telling us and Pat what we should do. It is not really a subject for humour a simple rebuke and rejection of their claim that we can't insult their religion works well here. It is about time someone told them just how many of us atheists feel about what some religious people dare to say about us. We have every right to return the insults and disparaging comments, to tell them they are deluded and superstitious and their religion is garbage.

I think that this could become a Pat Condell classic. Some of his videos are more memorable than others and deserve a replay every now and then to remind us of just how well our case can be put. Pat certainly has an impressive way with words in this format that few can match.

Sat, 16 Jul 2011 12:03:26 UTC | #850131