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Comment 1 by Schrodinger's Cat :

No, the science doesn't say the universe came 'from nothing'. Nothing is the complete absence of anything at all, including the laws of quantum mechanics. There is no theory of how the universe arises from absolutely nothing. I do wish people would stop this 'nothing' nonsense when it quite simply isn't true that they have such a theory. A theory of creation from absolutely nothing is quite possibly a logical absolute nothingness excludes any reason for anything to happen at all.

The nothing talked about in the video is nothing as in a vacuum, meaning an area of space-time containing no atoms. It is in this condition of 'no - thing' being there that matter can spontaneously leap into existence where there was none before but only for a very short time. PERHAPS this tells us something about the beginning of our universe. Again, we DON'T KNOW how the universe we know 'began'.

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