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Time and space were non-existent when Krauss was talking about nothing, time and space are the things we talk about when we talk about something. Quantum mechanical phenomena are the weird happenings that occur at the boundary of our known universe and nothingness.

So to some degree even though we are not able to fully understand yet, a quantum fluctuation is something that happens in a 'place' (not space) where there is nothing (no time and space) and creates nothing, (as Krauss says, the negative gravitational energy balances out the positive energy of matter ) the total energy for the universe is nothing.

The universe splits the zero energy into positive and negative energy and uses that to produce time and space, the Universe. Also, the total angular momentum of the Universe is zero from microwave background results and there is no evidence that the Universe posses any overall net electric charge.

The Universe owes nothing, as come from nothing, and will go back to nothing. Which from my perspective is the only logical explanation of where something comes from, something either exists or starts to exists.

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