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All this rather pedantic ramble about what Dr. Krauss means by "Nothing". I attended this same lecture given by Lawrence Krauss at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Oct. 2008. Anybody who was in that room knew exactly what he mean't by the word "Nothing" and it is explained in this video very clearly in this video starting at 19:40 and made abundantly clear as he explains the animation at 20:50 (no particles, no radiation...the space remains) of virtual fields/particles spontaneously popping in and out of existence. He goes on to say that these events happening in a region where there is "Nothing"(between the quarks) account for 90% of the mass of the proton. To all those arguing that "Something cannot come from nothing", he further, at the Perimeter lecture, argued that the state of "Nothing" is intrinsically unstable and it is inevitable that quantum fluctuations occur that cause matter/energy fields to spontaneously pop into-out of existence. His words...not mine. Do we understand it all....NO. Are we getting closer....YES!....the LHC will hopefully shed light on this...provide some interesting surprizes too.

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