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Comment 5 by Arthur Eld :

Can it be that theists that actually secretly feel doubts somehow find it more valid to reject atheism when they can call it an ideology? And if so: Why's that? Any answers or theories on this one?

Of course it helps them reject atheism. If they can view atheism as an ideology, then they can reject it using the same irrational logic they use to reject other religions.

You can answer them by saying that we are not idealists or fundamentalists, but, like them, we are passionate about our views. Passion for passion, we can be equally matched (I think I'm paraphrasing Prof. Dawkins here). There is no crime in being passionate about a belief. The difference is that we are ultimately prepared to change our beliefs if the weight of evidence goes against those beliefs. They, on the other hand, are not prepared to change their core beliefs, regardless of the evidence that is presented to them.

We follow this flow chart, they do not.

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