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@Steve: So you think the equation is ideology=evil? In other words, is "ideology" now a swear word per se to some people in the English-speaking world?

@rookie: I've given all those replies and more, it just had zero effect on their claim that atheism is an ideology/just another religion etc. The debates in which this "argument" came up tended to then be stuck on this point, which was kinda frustrating. I wasn't willing to let this false claim pass - I think it is important to realize the difference between an ideology and a mere rejection of the claims of religion - and the other side insisted on their false claim, no matter how often I came up with different arguments that falsified it. As I said, I recently thought of a new way that I'll test in future debates. If I understood Steve correctly and "ideology" functions as a swear word now, I understand a little better why theists tend to insist on this.

The flow chart is good, tho'.

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