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Great article!

The only part I did a second take on was this:

You can't just say, as Scofield does, that "the real source of bad behavior... is human nature, not religion"... and leave it at that. If you do -- as Scofield does -- then you're simply asserting the point you're trying to prove. Scofield is saying here, "Many atheists say religion causes bad behavior, but the real cause is human nature." And he apparently expects us to reply, "Oh. Well, that settles it. Never mind, then."

My thought was that belief in - or the tendency/propensity to believe in - religious notions is PART of our "human nature." It is therefore not a real distinction to blame religion as something as separate from our nature, since our nature created it. It would be like a celibate citing sexuality as the cause of man's problems, not his nature.

Not sure how well my point will go down.

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