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Comment 24 by Peter Grant

All this argument shows is that God, if he is presumed to exist, is either evil or impotent. That's why Hitchens calls himself an anti-theist. If God did exist he would not be worthy of worship.

Yes, I prefer the Dostoevsky 'trial of God' take on it. However I still think Hitchens has a problem with whatever 'objective reality' there might be to 'evil'. We can't put God on trial for crimes that in the very next breath we're agreeing with Sam Harris don't actually exist objectively. There doesn't seem to be a coherent atheist position on whether 'evil' is actually real........and Dostoevsky does cite some pretty damned objective examples.

Maybe the dilemna only exists from my 'absurdist' perspective.

Fri, 22 Jul 2011 17:50:14 UTC | #852740