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← Artists Announce They've Found All The Beauty They Can In Urban Decay

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Comment 11 by aquilacane

Ha ha. Nice kick to the ass. Art's as full of shit as any religion, as much blind worship too.

Yeah... stupid museums and art and paintings and sculptures and stuff. And music, and books, what a bunch of junk. I only like beakers and science stuff. Right, everyone?

Isn't real urban decay a bigger problem than its artistic depiction? A more fertile source for satire, non?

And what, again, is this satire on art doing on the Richard Dawkins "News" list? I'm honestly baffled. It seems so jarringly out of place, unrelated to anything else I've ever read here before...

Don't get me wrong, I love the Onion, but this is a pretty lame one-liner. The subject matter is never the problem with art, anyway: it's all a matter of execution. A plate of fruit isn't all that interesting, either, until an artist makes it so.

Hopefully, not all science nerds are ignorant of this common sense art stuff.

Sun, 24 Jul 2011 19:52:33 UTC | #853591