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Have you seen the Heidelberg Project? Did you get a chance to go there while you were here?

Oh Grrr! It was on my list of art places and I obviously drove passed the streets. I didn't know what it was, otherwise I would have looked for it. I tried going to a few galleries and after they were closed or in between exhibits, I decided to have lunch at that Raw food/juice place. By then it was time to head back to Cleveland. Talk about another depressed city. At least they cleaned it up a bit during the White mayoral years. I heard when Hollywood shot that film about Danny Green, they actually had to go to Detroit to shoot some Cleveland scenes because (of tax breaks) and Cleveland was too cleaned up.

Comment 16 "Hopefully, not all science nerds are ignorant of this common sense art stuff."

I'm pretty aware/involved in the "common sense" art stuff. It's the science I'm ignorant about which is why I'm here to learn. I'm glad for the occasional art topics tossed in this site. It gives me incentive to read some of the more science-heavy topics.

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