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Comment 18 by Marc Country :

This, for example, would have made sense to me, to be posted here:,20969/

It's a joke about genetics, get it? Science related, etc...

The Onion is great, but, again, this article has no business being here. The context is off, and the joke isn't one of the Onion's best works, not by a LONG shot (the link I put above is WAY funnier).

I agree! The male heir article is way funnier!

...The direct result of several million years of evolution in which tree-dwelling primates moved to the land and began walking upright in order to take advantage of available resources told reporters he had not seen the film since his childhood, when he watched it frequently, and added that he "really enjoyed" the scene where Tom Hanks ate the sardines....

Classic Onion absurdity at its very best :-)

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