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Comment 19 by gordon :

Unfortunately art is full of shit. Unfortunately, those of us in the arts who don’t subscribe to the shit on offer and whose art is inspired by science and reason can’t get our work shown. At its best art should challenge and inform, fire imagination and aspire. Most current art is either wallpaper or non comprehensible. It is then subsumed into the establishment to avoid the threat. I read a line this morning that British Airways is sponsoring and artist to work with the ‘famous’ Tracey Emin to put something inspiring onto their aircraft. One wonders how many people will want to fly BA with a pair of dirty knickers hanging off the tail fin. Art and science where once bedfellows but this seems not to be the case now. I have tried to initiate a discussion thread about this on this website but it seems to art allergic or possibly thinking I’m trying to advertise. Either way it’s been rejected.

This is supposed to be a site about reason as well. So far, I've only come across a couple of people who are art literate here. That's probably a good reason why people complain about these types of topics. Maybe if you approach the topic as art and science divorced and are now getting back together again, you'd get some responses. Anyway, I think this post has seen it's life and others have moved on, so I'm willing to give it a go.

You commented that "whose art is inspired by science and reason can't get our work shown." I don't think that is actually true. I find that there are few reasons for this happening. First, the art isn't actually good and no one has stepped up to tell the artist why. Second, the artist does not know his market and is looking in all the wrong places. Third, the artist is not making use of the internet or non-traditional outlets. Fourth, the artist is not involved with some sort of group art support or organization. Fifth, the artist is in need of finding artists doing similar work and finding ways that they could help support each other in some form of movement. Sixth, the artist is using excuses and rationalizations to keep himself stuck.

The internet allows me to look at art from an artist living in rural Russia. If I want to find someone, anywhere doing anything, it can be found. Today, art is like a buffet, the challenge is realizing that it is not all laid out on one table for you to quickly pick up and go. I bet if you started searching, you could find 20 artists who are combining science with art.

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