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To an outsider such as myself, there's just no way to take a royal so seriously; I'm sorry, but I've tried my ass off at it. At best, the royals are collectively a personal symbol of British culture and ambassadors for tourism, which is absolutely fine in and of itself, but let the Americans reciprocate by having your prime minister receive a visiting costumed Mickey Mouse sometime as if there were nothing strange about it (let alone not waste of time), and then you'll know how awkward it really feels. Now throw Charles into the mix: that's right, the version of Mickey Mouse your prime minister will entertain this time, will be the version of Mickey Mouse from the film Fantasia - a conjuror. No, actually, that's an unfair comparison, as nobody takes Mickey Mouse seriously; Charles, after all, is a real man with a real education. Or is he? Isn't there a more presentable family you could pretend to be lorded over by, over there?

Tue, 26 Jul 2011 05:10:55 UTC | #854084