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Comment 3 by skiles1 ".... Isn't there a more presentable family you could pretend to be lorded over by, over there?"

Of course there is, but the Osbournes are now U.S. based,and Jedwood are too busy.

Comment 6 by Metamag ...."When I look at your prince Charles I get where the inspiration for goblins comes from..."

Not takes many generations of selective inbreeding to look that weird.

Comment 8 by Stevehill "....(Charles) has, as far as I can see, absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever."

In the interest of fairness Steve, he has brought Harry Windsor (The Half-Blood Prince) up as his own.

Comment 10 by epeeist "..If you are comparing Charles to Mickey Mouse who would you compare his brother, Prince Andrew, to?"

Do you remember 'Spoilt Bastard' from Viz comic?

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