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If the mods will allow me to reply I will try and answer QuestioningKat

Let me just come back at you with one or two things.

1, The Art isn’t very good.

I know how good my work is. I have a work in the Chatsworth collection, a nude Madonna, a direct challenge to the pious rubbish promoted by the church, bought by the late Duke of Devonshire.

2, Doesn’t know his market.

There are many art markets. As my work has been expensive to produce, it is limited to wealthy individuals or groups. It isn’t painted for a market. It is painted because the subjects are ones which I am passionate about. I have never painted to please another or for a market or for any other taste than my own. Anyone who does this is not an artist; they are simply manufacturers of images. 99% of art is sold to hand above someone’s sofa, little more than wallpaper. This isn’t a bad thing but it is like saying that science is about an hypothesis without following through and doing the exploration. That would be science lite as they are art lite. Others in the ‘high’ echelons of the art world produce work which is so abstract as to be devoid of any meaning. You could stand in front of most of the work in contemporary galleries today and as long as you uttered a few platitudes like, iconic, the humour or irony of the artist, vision, huge breadth, from her tortured soul, etc, you wouldn’t know which piece you were in front of. I tend to paint in a manner that can be directly understood, which means figurative not abstraction and I don’t hold back. More PZ Myers than RD.

3 Use the net as an outlet.

Difficult for me as the collection will take four years. The pictures are very large, some 6mtrs, one 9mtrs. They are also difficult to photograph. They are also expensive to create, the frame on the celestial teapot cost me £14k to produce. The frame for the dance of death which I am just starting is in excess of £28k. I am reluctant to put it out on the net until I have found a method of presenting it correctly. My point was, that to get a picture shown with content that directly challenges faith is very difficult. As soon as I send them a picture it is rejected.

4 Not involved with other groups or artists

Agreed, Can’t stand art speak or other artists. Hate the idea of being in a group of any sort. I am a cantankerous old bastard.

5 Stuck

Hmm. A Tracyism. Of course I am stuck. I want to explore human nature, global climate change, population overload, religion, science, the universe and everything. What am I supposed to move on to within my short lifetime?

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