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I recently read an article that cited a poll that most Americans still want America to be a leader in space. Unfortunately I think most people don't actually understand what that leadership entails and that yes, it does cost money. Most people probably look at our space pursuits, like satellite technology, as a way for them to make money, without thinking, or remembering or knowing, that the fundamental research that went into that technology was all government money. We take satellite communications and things like GPS for granted. I think most people won't realize what we're missing out on if these programs get cancelled until other countries start flying past us and by then it is too late. We won't have the intellectual base to catch up. That's sort of the non-stick frying pan approach, but some people need to be smacked with a frying pan (metaphorically :)) to get it.

Tue, 26 Jul 2011 16:25:17 UTC | #854307